Escargot MSN Server

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Escargot is a replacement for the now-defunct MSN servers.

Start Chatting

Escargot is currently experimental but usable. Support is planned for all MSN Messenger clients, and maybe the earlier WLM clients.


MSN 1 Icon MSN 1.0 Supported [1]
MSN 2 Icon MSN 2.0+ Supported [1]
MSN 3 Icon MSN 3.0+ Supported [1]
MSN 4 Icon MSN 4.0+ Supported [1]
MSN 5 Icon MSN 5.0 Supported
MSN 6 Icon MSN 6.0+ Supported [2]
MSN 7 Icon MSN 7.0 Supported
MSN 7 Icon MSN 7.5 Supported [1] [3]
MSN 8 Icon WLM 8.0 Not Yet
MSN 8 Icon WLM 8.1 Not Yet
MSN 8 Icon WLM 8.5 Not Yet
MSN 14 Icon WLM 14 ???
MSN 15 Icon WLM 15 ???
MSN 16 Icon WLM 16 ???
  1. Can only log in by putting your password in the email field
  2. MSN 6.1 is not supported
  3. Only MSN 7.5.0322 and 7.5.0324 work for now


Why not?

How do I chat?

  1. Install your favorite MSN: 1.0, 2.2, 3.6, 4.7, 5.0, 6.2, 7.0, 7.5
  2. Install MSN Switcher
    • If you prefer to not use MSN Switcher, you can still connect by patching your MSN.
      Prepatched downloads with polygamy (multi-instance) are available: 7.0, 7.5
    • To "patch" MSN older than 5.0, edit the registry and change HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MessengerService\Server to
    • To patch MSN 5.0 or newer, edit msnmsgr.exe:
      1. Change to
      2. Change to
      3. Change PassportURLs to Passporturls
  3. Create an account below
  4. Login to MSN with your email and password
    • To log in with MSN older than 5.0, or MSN 7.5, you have to put your password inside the email field, like this: myname| (It doesn't matter what you put in "real" password field.)
  5. Tell your friends to sign up, then add them to chat!
    • Note: At the moment, Escargot has no connection to the real MSN server; your contact list won't be transferred over.

Create an account

(To reset/change your password for an existing account, click here.)


This is a work in progress. There will be bugs. MSN Shy Emoticon